Euredit Results


Towards Effective Statistical Editing and Imputation Strategies - Findings of the Euredit project (Volumes 1 and 2)

Contents page for both volumes download (ZIP)

Volume 1 

Volume 1 (Euredit Deliverable D6.2) is intended to provide accessible and practical guidance to automatic editing and imputation of data, based on the experiences and findings of the Euredit project. 

Download Volume 1 (ZIP) (size 2.5MB)

Volume 2

Volume 2 (Euredit Deliverable D6.1) aims to document the methods investigated and developed in Euredit, and give the results of experiments (also available on CD).

Download Volume 2 (ZIP) (size 11.5MB)


Euredit Software

NAG Evaluation Software download (ZIP) (size 0.5MB)

NAG Prototype platform download (ZIP) (size 12MB)

NDA (Self Organising Map) software download (ZIP) (size 4MB)

CMM imputation software demo download (ZIP) (size 0.3MB)

SAS Robust macros download (ZIP) (size 0.1MB) 
Updated 17/09/04 to fix problem when no missing data. 


Proceedings of Data-Clean 2002 Conference

The Data-Clean conference was held from 29th - 31st May 2002 in Jyväskylä, Finland.

View (PDF) or download (ZIP)


Euredit Results: Deliverable reports for individual methods

Contents Page (PDF) (ZIP)

Standard Methods (ZIP) (size 1.5MB)

Robust Methods 
Contents summary (PDF)
Part A (ZIP) (size 12MB)
Part B (ZIP) (size 0.5MB)
Part C (ZIP) (size 8MB)
Part D (ZIP) (size 0.5MB)

Neural Methods (ZIP) (size 10MB)
Deliverable D431/432/532 Appendices:
Appendix C   (ZIP) (size 0.3MB)
Appendix D1 (ZIP) (size 2MB)
Appendix D2 (ZIP) (size 8MB)
Appendix D3 (ZIP) (size 2MB)
Appendix D4 (ZIP) (size 1.5MB)
Appendix D5 (ZIP) (size 8MB)
Appendix D6 (ZIP) (size 8MB)


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