Teaching Programmes

This pages lists all taught programmes offered by the department at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

For historical accuracy, note that the original 'Computation' soon gave way to 'Computer Science'. Also, in the first few years taught graduate degrees used to be BPhil and all undergraduate degrees were BA. This Department was a party to a campaign to introduce MSc and BSc; that was successful. Then, this Department was the first to introduce accredited engineering programmes: these were MEng and BEng (but see note at end). The original terminology has been used here only for the very earliest years, as the details of the changeover are now lost.

At some time after the move from BA to BSc, but before the introduction of MEng and BEng, this department was the first to introduce industrial placement years ('sandwich years' as they were then called).

A new programme goes through the phases: proposal; approval; and then, for the first time each: appearance in official catalogues and prospectuses, advertising, application, selection, interview, admission, entry, study, assessment, graduation. Of all these phases, it is the first entry, i.e. the first actual intake, that is noted here.

Note that often, in order to get a new programme off the ground with a prototyping intake, some of our current students on an existing programme would transfer into a new programme a year or two before its intake from outside the University. In those cases, the date of that intake by internal transfer is recorded here.

Year First intakeNotes
1969 BA Mathematics with Computation (main/sub) Replaced after a few years by equal combination;
still running, as BSc CS/Maths, in the year 2011
1969 BPhil Numerical Computation (with Maths) Withdrawn after a year or two, to release resources
1972 BSc Biology with Computer Science (main/sub) Withdrawn after a few years, to release resources
1973 BSc Physics with Computer Science (main/sub) Replaced after a few years by equal combination
1976 MSc Computing in the Life Sciences (with Biology) Ran for many years, but now withdrawn
1976 BA Computer Science (with Maths) / Education (main/sub) Withdrawn after a few years, to release resources
1976 BSc Computer Science and Mathematics (equal)
1976 BSc Computer Science and Physics (equal) Withdrawn after a few years, to release resources
1978 BSc Computer Science / Mathematics (main/sub)
1979 BSc Computer Science (single subject)
1981 BSc Computer Science / Statistics (main/sub) Withdrawn after a few years, to release resources
1983 MEng Computer Systems and Software Engineering See note at end, regarding BEng, MEng, EngDip
1983 BEngComputer Science Allowing BEng to be taken instead of BSc
1992 BEng/BScInformation Engineering Withdrawn after a few years, to release resources
1992 BA Information Technology, Business Management and Language Withdrawn after a few years, to release resources
???? MSc Computing
???? MSc Gas Turbine Control
???? MSc Human-Centred Interactive Technologies
???? MSc Information Technology
???? MSc Natural Computation
???? MSc Safety Critical Systems Engineering
???? MSc Software Engineering
???? MSc Social Media and Interactive Technologies

Following the publication of the Finniston Report Engineering our Future in 1981, the department introduced a four-year integrated degree designated BEng, and planned an extension year designated MEng, both as recommended in that Report. It soon became apparent to all universities that applicants were reluctant to apply for a four-year bachelor's degree, and so these two degrees were re-designated MEng (nationwide) and EngDip (Engineering Diploma - at least, at York) respectively. The designation BEng was then used (generally) for three-year accredited engineering degrees.