110010 - A Fanfare for a Digital Age

This Fanfare was commissioned by Professor Ian Pyle for the 50th anniversary of Computer Science at the University of York. Appointed on 1st January 1973, Ian was the Founding Professor of Computer Science. He offers the Fanfare as a gift to the Department.

Composer (and computer scientist) David Keeffe says: "The initial request specified that it 'was to be played by a computer'. When creating this work, I had to consider the musical and technical aspects of the request. It had to make sense musically, regardless of what technology was used, and because it was to be much more than a few bars of trumpet call, it needed a narrative that could be related to the occasion."

David Keeffe originally studied music at the University of York. After graduating with a BA in 1979, he was offered a DPhil studentship in the Department of Computer Science, which he completed in 1984. David moved to Australia in 1997, graduating with an MMus in 2006 and a PhD in 2018 in music composition, both from the University of Melbourne.

Find out more about David Keeffe's work: go to https://www.music3149.com/

Watch https://youtu.be/aB14XxUbyaw on YouTube

11010 - A Fanfare for a Digital Age