RoboTest: Systematic model-based testing and simulation of mobile autonomous robots

Funder: EPSRC

Contact: Professor Ana CavalcantiProfessor Jim Woodcock

This project will see the development of novel automated test-generation techniques for mobile and autonomous robots. A RoboTest tester will construct a model of a robot using a notation already employed in the design of simulations and implementations. With the push of a button, the tester generates and executes tests for simulations, choosing from a variety of simulators, and then produces deployment tests. The RoboTest tester is in a strong position to understand the reality gap between the simulation and the real world. The RoboTest tester knows that test verdicts are correct and that tests are guaranteed to find faults of an identified class, and so can answer the difficult question: have we tested enough? RoboTest is moving the testing of mobile and autonomous robots onto a sound footing, making testing more efficient and effective and reducing longer term costs.