At York, researchers collaborate across the University's seven interdisciplinary research themes to address the great scientific, social and environmental challenges of our times.

Our department has particularly strong partnerships within three themes: Risk, evidence and decision making, Health and Wellbeing, and Technologies for the Future.

Risk, evidence and decision making

Our researchers are working to improve safety in the automotive and avionic sectors. And Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a growing part of the computer science sectors. All this means risk and decision-making are now critical aspects of computer science.

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Health and Wellbeing

Our researchers’ work is making a difference in the field of medicine in some surprising ways. We’re enabling surgeons to refine their skills as well as finding new uses for gaming technology.

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Technologies for the Future

Computer gaming can provide a vast amount of data which can be a valuable scientific resource. Our researchers are working to bring science and the gaming industry closer together.

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