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Jayne Lawrence

Deputy Head of Faculty Operations, with responsibility for Professional Support Services and strategic planning

The Deputy Head of Faculty Operations (DHoFO) is responsible to the Head of Department (HoD) for all operational aspects of Computer Science. They provide senior level advice on policy, procedure and practice within the department, support the HoD in developing strategy, and ensure efficient operations to support all of the department's functions. They also lead on strategic planning and oversight of the department's Professional Support Services (PSS). 

As leader of the department's PSS staff, the DHoFO promotes a supportive and inclusive culture, underpinned by appropriate skills training and access to suitable resources. They are a member of the department's Management Team, with overall responsiblity for the department's operational budget, and contribute to financial planning processes, both medium- and long-term. They also provide informed advice and guidance on the practicality of strategic and operational initiatives, alongside risk management. 

The DHoFO is also responsible for Human Resources within the department, ensuring compliance with statutory and institutional obligations, and leading on initiatives such as Performance and Development Reviews and responding to staff surveys. They also manage space allocations within departmental buildings, ensuring they remain safe, secure and adequately maintained. 

The DHoFO represents the department at a variety of forums and committees at University and Faculty level.

Jayne Lawrence, Department Manager

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