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What is Computer Science?

Computer Science is not just about computers. Rather it is the study of computation and information, and is a subject which involves you in the very make-up of the world, and over the last 30 years it has transformed the way we run our everyday lives.

The home computer revolution brought a PC into every home. Now, the internet and social media have transformed the way that we communicate and the spread of information around the world.

Computer systems are all pervasive, ranging from the embedded system controlling a fridge to international banking systems handling billions of secure transactions every day. Many of these systems are very familiar, yet we take for granted the computational systems that make things like mobile phones, cars, aeroplanes and medical equipment possible.

Beyond our every day lives, Computer Science has had an equally large impact on other areas of science, most of which now require the processing and analysis of vast datasets. From capturing and interpreting data at the Large Hadron Collider to the Human Genome Project, these scientific endeavours simply would not be possible without computer science.

Computer Science encompasses theoretical ideas about how information is stored and processed and how we can express the instructions necessary to perform a useful computation. It is also about practical techniques for the creation of new computer software and hardware.

Computer Science has traditionally not been taught in schools. Rather, the use of software packages has been taught in ICT, which is a very different subject (a bit like the difference between knowing how to drive and knowing how to design and engineer a new car).

As a subject, Computer Science requires logical thinking, creativity and problem solving. Since computer systems are now so large and complex, they are inevitably developed by large teams, so working well with others is also crucial. A Computer Science degree gives you the chance to study exciting new technologies as well as learning skills which will make you highly employable.

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