Java Breadboard Simulator

Project Description

The use of breadboards (sometimes known as Blue-Boards or Plug-Boards) in electronics labs is well established.  However, it is also a problem, in that students may not be able to experiment outside of scheduled
lab time without supervision. If a breadboard simulation were available online it would greatly
enhance learning resources for these students.

The Objective of the project would be to develop a JAVA Applet which displays the image of a breadboard and allows components to be selected for the circuit. Once a circuit has been defined, the user can then select various input signals from a set of available waveforms, or apply signals via switches. The project could focus exclusively on analog or digital circuits, or take a general approach and allow both types of components to be used. There will be some graphics involved as part of the JAVA programming.

Outline Plan
[1] Investigate basic requirements of the system, such as typical uses for learning & experimenting
[2] Identify software specification
[3] Identify components to be supported & how they could be simulated
[4] implement & test software
[5] develop a small set of example experiments for use of the breadboard tool.

Run Applet

Notes On running the program and download
HOWTO: Enable loading and saving in the applet
User Guide
Example Circuits
Creating new Chips

Project Write-up (pdf 665k)


New developments …

Additional features are being added – more soon.


I would really appreciate you feedback. I am especially interested in:

  • Did you have any problems getting the applet to start. (If so details of browser + OS)
  • Comments on the interface. (Good and Bad)
  • Description of any bugs you may have come across.
  • Did you feel you required the help pages and if so were they any help.
  • Do you feel that there are any features that are lacking from the program.
  • Do you feel that this program would have been of assistance to any electronics courses you may have taken.
  • Any other comments. (Good and Bad)

Send queries and feedback to:

Nick is no longer in the department.

You can contact  chrisb @ cs . york . ac . uk  for any queries