The Grand Challenge in Non-classical Computation York Workshop

Workshop material

Notes from the workshop

Fiona Polack
Session Notes, 18-19 April 2005

Grand Challenge summary

Susan Stepney et al
Journeys in Non-Classical Computation: A Grand Challenge for Computing Research

Keynote papers

Christopher Alexander
Harmony-Seeking Computation (abstract)
Sam Braunstein
Quantum Computation (abstract)
Luca Cardelli
Abstract Machines of Systems Biology (abstract) (website)
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
Languages of Morphogenesis (abstract) (website)

Position papers

Samson Abramsky, Bob Coecke
Physics from Computer Science
Pierre-Antoine Absil
Computation with continuous-time dynamical systems
Andy Adamatzky, Ben De Lacy Costello
Reaction-diffusion computers: Wet, Weird and Wonderful
Thomas R. Addis, Bart-Floris Visscher, Dave Billinge, David C. Gooding
Socially Sensitive Computing: A Necessary Paradigm Shift for Computer Science
Selim G. Akl
Three Unconventional Computational Paradigms
Martyn Amos
Bacterial Self-Assembly and Computation
J.-P. Banatre, P. Fradet, Y. Radenac
Higher-order Chemical Model of Computation
Wolfgang Banzhaf
Challenging the Program Counter
Seth Bullock
Nichiversal Computation: Specifying the Limits of Bio-Inspiration
Cristian S. Calude
Computing Beyond Algorithmics
Tim Clarke, Peter Mendham
Multi-agent Systems for Autonomous Control
S. Barry Cooper
Computation and Computability
Irene Damico
Quantum Computer Hardware
J. Gorecki
Chemical information processing with excitation pulses
Marian Gheorghe
Systems Self-Assembly
Simon Harding, Julian F. Miller, Edward A. Rietman
Evolution in Materio: Exploiting the Physics of Materials for Non-Classical Computation
Colin G. Johnson
Non-classical computation the computationalist stance towards the natural and cognitive sciences
Jeff Johnson
Non-classical Computation and the Science of Complex Systems
Jan T. Kim
On the stability and robustness of biological systems
Jan T. Kim, J. Andrew Bangham
Gene Regulatory Dynamics in Growing Systems
Bill Langdon
The Distribution of Amorphous Computer Outputs
Paul Marrow
Life for life: biologically inspired computation for future computing applications
Olivier Michel, Jean-Pierre Banatre, Pascal Fradet, Jean-Louis Giavitto1
Challenging Questions for the Rationals of Non-Classical Programming Languages
Jonathan W. Mills
The New Computer Science and Its Unifying Principle: Complementarity and Unconventional Computing
Rajagopal Nagarajan
Is Unconditionally Secure Quantum Cryptography Unbreakable?
Mark Neal
Biological inspiration: short-circuiting evolution?
James Neil
Software Engineering Without a Clue: the perils and pitfalls of programming graphs you donít really understand
Richard Overill
Parallelism of Paradigms in Non-Classical Computation
Fiona Polack
Engineering Emergence
Grzegorz Rozenberg
Computer Science, Informatics, and Natural Computing
Aaron Sloman, Jackie Chappell
Altricial self-organising information-processing systems
Rob E. Smith, Jon Caves
From Qualities to Quantities
Mike Stannett
Industrial Hypercomputation
John Szymanski
The advantages of Fat, Fashion-Conscious Supermodels...
Gianluca Tempesti, Andy Tyrrell
Bio-inspired Computing Architectures
Jon Timmis
Challenges for Artificial Immune Systems
Peter Welch
Mobile Processes: very tiny, very fast and very many
John Woodward
Lateral non-classical thinking
Andy Wuensche
Discrete dynamical networks, basins of attraction, and content addressable memory
Klaus-Peter Zauner, Srinandan Dasmahapatra, Jorn Werner
Ratchet Computing - The Heat Bath as Computational Resource

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