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Interaction Labs including the Home Lab

HCI@York has excellent facilities for research. The facilities are centred around a suite of six rooms, the Interaction Labs, including the HomeLab.

The Interaction Labs consist of:

  • The Usability and Accessibility Lab: for individual user testing, this lab has a PC equipped with screen capture software as well as assistive technologies for visually impaired users (screen readers and screen magnification programs). There is also equipment for making tactile diagrams for visually impaired people.
  • The Games Lab: for individual and small group games research, this lab has a wide range of commercial games and games hardware.
  • The labs also have a variety of different eye tracking equipment.

The HomeLab consists of three rooms:

  • A typical living room for studying the use of technology in domestic home settings
  • A fully functioning kitchen for study the use of technology in cooking and food management
  • A multi-functional room which can be set up as a dining room, second living room or space for focus groups and other activities