These meetings take place during the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms on Mondays at 12:30pm in room CSE082 of the Computer Science building. Time and venue sometimes change - see below (and your email!) for changes.

Readers might also be interested in the CS Department Seminar Series.


The goals of the RTS Group Meetings are (in no particular order) to

  • ensure that all group members are aware of each others research
  • encourage collaborative research within the group
  • inform members of the group of important real-time developments or hot topics
  • discuss ways in which the group can be made more efficient
  • give group members practice at making presentations


The default format for group meetings is a one hour meeting where one or more members of the group are charged with organising how that meeting is run. Examples of typical meetings include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • a practice run of a conference presentation with feed back on how it can be improved
  • the presentation of a current research problem leading to a group discussion of its potential solution
  • a tutorial on an important or hot topic
  • a debate on alternative views on a particular topic (e.g. time driven versus event driven systems)
  • a tutorial on a useful software tool
  • brainstorming on a particular topic (e.g. future real-time research)

There is no requirement for the meeting to last one hour, and if necessary it can be extended to a half day!

RTS York Autumn 2016 Talks

RTS York Summer 2015 Talks

  • Literature Review Seminar
    Xiaotian Dai
    2015-05-05 12:30 ( RCH/204 YCCSA Seminar Room)
  • New Vistas in High-Level Synthesis: The Case of Pointers Electronis Dept Seminar
    Prof George Constantinides (Imperial College)
    2015-05-18 1:00 (P/L/005)
  • Thesis Seminar
    Gary Plumbridge
    2015-05-18 11:30 (CSE/082)
  • Thesis Seminar
    Hashem Ghazzawi
    2015-06-22 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Thesis Seminar
    Jamie Garside
    2015-05-11 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Thesis Seminar
    Oliver Gettings
    2015-07-13 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Thesis Seminar
    Yu Chan
    2015-07-20 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Andrew Burkmisher
    Andrew Burkmisher
    2015-06-29 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Leandro Indrusiak
    Leandro Indrusiak
    2015-06-08 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Lei Chen
    Lei Chen
    2015-04-27 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Manus Henry (Visitor)
    Manus Henry (Visitor)
    2015-06-15 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Stephen Law
    Stephen Law
    2015-06-01 12:30 (CSE/082)

RTS York Spring 2015 Talks

  • A Wormhole NoC Protocol for Mixed Criticality Systems (RTSS 2014 Paper)
    Alan Burns
    2015-01-12 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Impact of Temporal and Spatial Application Modeling on Event-triggered Wireless Sensor Network Evaluation(visitor to Leandro Indrusiak)
    Lisane Brisolara
    2015-03-02 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Improving the predictability of distributed event processors
    Pablo Basanta Val (visitor to Andy Wellings)
    2015-02-23 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Literature Review Seminar
    Hesham Almatary
    2015-02-02 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Predictability and Utilisation Trade-off in the Dynamic Management of Multiple Video Stream Decoding on Network-on-Chip based Homogeneous Embedded Multi-cores (RTNS 2014 Paper)
    Rosh Mendis
    2015-01-26 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Building blocks for 64-bit Systems: Development of System IP in ARM Electronis Dept Seminar
    Stuart Kenny ARM
    2015-01-19 1pm ( P/L005)
  • Talk by Bharath Sudev Network-on-Chip Packet Prioritisation based on Instantaneous Slack Awareness
    Bharath Sudev Network-on-Chip Packet Prioritisation based on Instantaneous Slack Awareness
    2015-03-16 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Haitao Mei
    Haitao Mei
    2015-02-16 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Paulo Ferreira (visitor to Leandro Indrusiak)
    Paulo Ferreira (visitor to Leandro Indrusiak)
    2015-03-09 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Shuai Zhao
    Shuai Zhao
    2015-02-09 12:30 (CSE/082)

RTS York Autumn 2014 Talks

  • Dynamic-programming Based Optimization Strategies for On-chip Communication
    Xiaohang Wang (visitor to Leandro Indrusiak)
    2014-12-19 11:00 (CSE/082)
  • EngD Project Literature Seminar)
    Russell Joyce
    2014-10-20 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Group Introduction and Lunch
    RTS Group
    2014-10-06 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Hard Real-Time Embedded NoC Design Space Exploration With Schedulability Analysis Based Optimisation Strategies (Thesis Seminar)
    Azizi Norayuti
    2014-10-27 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Instrumenting Network-on-Chip infrastructure to improve packet predictability in many-core systems (Thesis Seminar)
    Bharath Sudev
    2014-11-10 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Literature Review Seminar
    Xinwei Fang
    2014-10-13 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Literature Review Seminars
    Zhe Jiang / Haitao Mei / Shuai Zhao
    2014-12-08 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • On the Locality of Java 8 Streams in Real-Time Big Data Applications (JTRES 2014 Paper)
    Yu Chan
    2014-12-01 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Preserving Hardware Prefetch for Many-Core Real-Time Systems (RTNS 2014 Paper)
    Jamie Garside
    2014-11-17 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Static Probabilistic Timing Analysis of Random Replacement Caches using Lossy Compression (RTNS 2014 Paper)
    David Griffin
    2014-11-03 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Adrian McMenamin
    Adrian McMenamin
    2014-11-24 12:30 (RCH/017)
  • Talk by Dirk Muller (visitor to Alan Burns)
    Dirk Muller (visitor to Alan Burns)
    2014-09-29 12:30 (CSE/102&103)

RTS York Summer 2014 Talks

  • Deadline-Aware Programming and Scheduling
    Alan Burns
    2014-06-09 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Schedulability Analysis for the Abort-and-Restart (AR) Model (Thesis Seminar)
    Hing Choi Wong
    2014-07-14 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • EngD Project Literature Seminar
    Oliver Gettings
    2014-05-19 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Low Overhead Predictability Enhancement in Non-preemptive Network-On-Chip Routers using Priority Forwarded Packet Splitting
    Bharath Sudev
    2014-05-12 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Hashem Ghazzawi
    Hashem Ghazzawi
    2014-04-28 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Ian Gray
    Ian Gray
    2014-06-30 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Will Lunniss
    Will Lunniss
    2014-06-02 12:30 (CSE/082)

RTS York Spring 2014 Talks

  • CompSOC: A Mixed-Criticality Execution Platform (Visitor)
    Kees Goossens (Visitor)
    2014-01-23 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Feed back on programming embedded systems in RTSJ Version 1.1
    Andy Wellings
    2014-01-06 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Mixed-criticality scheduling: A safety perspective
    Iain Bate,
    2014-03-03 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • LowPowNoC: Reduction of power consumption in Networks-On-Chip
    James Harbin,
    2014-02-03 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • On the Correctness, Optimality and Precision of Static Probabilistic Timing Analysis
    Sebastian Altmeyer (Vistor),
    2014-02-10 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Synopsis of SOCS and MEOW Papers
    Jamie Garside,
    2014-01-27 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Azizi Sayuti
    Azizi Sayuti
    2014-03-10 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Borislav Nikolic (Visitor)
    Borislav Nikolic (Visitor)
    2014-01-20 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Talk by Yu Chan and Ian Gray
    Yu Chan and Ian Gray
    2014-01-13 12:30 (CSE/082)

RTS York Autumn 2013 Talks

  • A Bio-inspired Load Balancing Technique for Wireless Sensor Networks (Thesis Seminar)
    Ipek Caliskanelli,
    2013-11-25 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Analysis of Probabilistic Cache Related Pre-emption Delays
    Rob Davis
    2013-10-21 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Dependability of Wireless Sensor Networks (Thesis Seminar)
    Mark Fairburn
    2013-11-04 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • EngD Seminar
    Rosh Mendis
    2013-11-11 14:45 (CSE/082)
  • Probabilistic analysis of real-time systems (Visitor)
    Dorin Maxim (INRIA Nancy Grand-Est)
    2013-11-18 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Programming FPGA Based NoCs with Java (ReConFig Paper)
    Gary Plumbridge
    2013-12-02 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Reconfiguration on FPGAs (Literature Review Seminar)
    Lokesh Golla
    2013-10-14 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Group Introduction
    RTS Group
    2013-10-07 12:30 (CSE/082)
  • Literature Review Seminars
    Hao Xu, Andrew Law, Issam Al-Nader, Thomas Fleming
    2013-12-11 10:00 (CSE/082)