Haitao Mei - RTS York Autumn 2015 Talks

The paper investigates the use of the Java 8 stream processing facilities from within the context of the Real-Time Specification for Java. Java 8 stream processing uses the Java 7 Fork/Join framework. We demonstrate that it is not possible, with the current framework, to supply a pool of real-time worker threads with which to perform stream evaluation. We show what changes would need to be made to the framework for it to be used in a real-time context. Our evaluation shows that without such changes, use of the current Java 8 stream processing faculties by real-time threads can result in significant priority inversions. We also consider what hooks the RTSJ would need to provide that would allow real-time Fork/Join pools to be generated without changes to the source code.


Date and Time 2015-10-26 12:30
Place CSE/082
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