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Dr Poonam Yadav
Senior Lecturer


I am a Lecturer (~Assistant Professor) in the Computer Science Department at the University of York, UK and a visiting research fellow at Computer Lab, Cambridge University.

My current research is focused on making the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing-based distributed systems resilient, reliable and robust. This is an interdisciplinary research area that requires expertise in system design and integration along with knowledge of sensor systems, wireless networking, and domain and contextual understanding. To achieve resilience and reliability in the area of resource constraints and distributed systems, I focus on coordination and collaboration using interactions among machines, humans and data entities. These interactions could be categorized as machine-to-machine (M2M), machine-to-human (M2H), and human-to-data (H2D), and involve many challenges such as collaborative trust, privacy, legibility and accountability. The PhD work was focused on Design of Wireless communication stack for Event-driven applications, especially for low-power embedded systems. It is an interdisciplinary research area involves background knowledge of embedded system design, communication systems, and software engineering and bio-inspired computing.
In brief, my research interests include IoT and Wireless Networks, Machine Leaning (TinyML/UltraML), Citizen Science, Complex and Dynamical Systems.
I lead System and Network Interoperability (SYSTRON) Lab, exploring distributed systems, interoperability, and network technologies.


Research fellow (NetOS - Computer Science and Technology) @University of Cambridge, UK
Post-doc (High-performance computing) @Imperial College London & CERN
PhD (Computing research - distributed and networking)@Imperial College London
M.Tech (Intelligent Systems (AI, ML))@IIIT, Allahabad India


Previously, I was a research fellow in System Research Group at Computer Laboratory, Cambridge University and worked with Dr Richard Mortier and Professor John Crowcroft and a postdoc at London e-science Center and Social Computing Group (with Professor John Darlington) and AESE Group (with Professor Julie A. McCann) in Computing Department at Imperial College London and a visiting researcher at US Army Research Labs, USA and a Supplement Researcher at IBM Research, New York on ITA (International Technology Alliance) project. I've worked on various projects such as EPSRC - Databox, TSB - OpenShare, FP7 - Cyberlab, and NERC - FUSE. I defended my PhD thesis at Distributed System and Network Group, Computing Department, Imperial College London in November 2011. My PhD was funded by prestigious UKIERI (UK-India Education and Research Initiative) fellowship.

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Department of Computer Science
University of York
Deramore Lane
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Phone: +44 (0)1904 325500

Office: CSE/133


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