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RoboStar Hub made a Research Centre

Posted on 11 March 2024

The University of York's Department of Computer Science is proud to announce the establishment of RoboStar, a cutting-edge research centre dedicated to Software Engineering for Robotics.

Launched five years ago with generous support from the Royal Academy of Engineering, the UK Research and Innovation Council, and industry collaborators, RoboStar has emerged as an international hub of excellence.

Situated at the forefront of innovation, RoboStar addresses the most pressing challenges in robotics. The University's recent recognition of RoboStar emphasises the centre's commitment to improving design and verification methodologies for roboticists. Their work will contribute to safety standards and reduce the overall development and operation costs of mobile and autonomous robots.

With branches across six countries and collaborations involving 13 academic and industrial organisations, RoboStar has become a global force. Members of RoboStar are grateful for the widespread contributions from colleagues worldwide who actively participate in the advancement and application of RoboStar technology.

Visit the official RoboStar website to find out more.