Third International Workshop on
Theoretical and Experimental Material Computing
(TEMC 2021)

The Third International Workshop on Theoretical and Experimental Material Computing (TEMC 2021) will be held in Helsinki, Finland (online if necessary), as a satellite workshop of the Unconventional Computation and Natural Computation (UCNC 2021) new tab icon, 18–22 October 2021.

Material computing  exploits unconventional physical substrates and/or unconventional computational models to perform physical computation in a non-silicon and/or non-Turing paradigm. Such computations find a natural home in a variety of unconventional computing applications, including sensing and real time systems, and unconventional computing materials, including magnetic materials.  TEMC 2021 will encompass a range of theoretical and experimental approaches to material computing.  The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from a range of connected fields, to inform of latest findings, to engage across the disciplines, to transfer discoveries and concepts from one field to another, and to inspire new collaborations and new ideas.

Programme: Mon 18 October 2021

14:45-15:00 EEST (UTC+3; BST+2)

Susan Stepney (chair)
Introduction and Welcome



Damien Querlioz new tab icon (keynote speaker)
Equilibrium Propagation: a Road for Physics-Based Learning



coffee break



Nicholas Chancellor, Viv Kendon. 
Experimental test of search range in quantum annealing



Alexander McDonnell, Matthew Dale, Martin A. Trefzer. 
Delay-Feedback Reservoir Computing using a Field Programmable Analogue Array (FPAA)



Arthur Penty, Gunnar Tufte. 
Sculpting the Spin Ice for Computation





Programme and Abstracts new tab icon


Programme and Organising Committee

Susan Stepney, Dan Allwood

David Griffin, Mohammad Musameh, Charles Swindells

Simon O’Keefe, Martin Trefzer

Tom Hayward, Eleni Vasilaki

TEMC 2021 is sponsored by
the EPRSC MARCH project EP/V006029/1, EP/V006339/1,
the University of York, UK, and the University of Sheffield, UK