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Computer Science Building at Heslington East


We have moved! Computer Science is now situated in our new state-of-the-art, purpose-built, Computer Science Building on the University's Heslington East campus development.

There's never been a more exciting time to become part of the Department of Computer Science here at York. In September 2010, we moved into our new home - a brand new, purpose built, state-of-the art building on the new Heslington East Campus.

This move will further improve our excellent facilities and provide us with more teaching rooms and computer labs, so that we can continue to offer some of the best Computer Science programmes in the UK.

Find out more about the new Heslington East Campus development.

You can see the progress of our building on this page, from being an empty shell to a building ready for occupation. The latest updates are at the top of the page, so scroll down to see the building in earlier stages.

September 2010 - we have moved in!

The Department has been moving in to the new building in stages - most academic, administrative and technical staff moved in to the building on 13 September. Recently, some of our research associates and research students joined us on 27 September. We are currently getting the building ready for our new and returning students to join us and enjoy the new facilities in October.

Here's a selection of shots so you can see exactly what the building looks like with furniture in. We'll bring you our official shots (complete with people!) when they are taken later in October.

When you enter the building, you'll be greeted in reception, and there are signs on each floor, so you will know exactly where to go:

Signage in building September 2010

When you enter, you'll also be able to access the pod in front of you - this houses two large seminar rooms and our common room - complete with colour coordinated furniture:

View of common room on moving in day

On each floor there are a series of breakout spaces with sofas, tables and high chairs, where you can meet others in a more informal setting:

Breakout space with students in new building September 10

Finally, here's a picture taken from our second floor, looking back at the pod and glass atrium. With the landscaping finished in our courtyard, we're very pleased with how our building looks:

View from 2nd floor looking at pod and courtyard September 2010

Update September 2010 - just before moving in!

We're all very excited that this is our last week in our current building. From Monday (13 September), most of the staff in Computer Science will be in the new building on Heslington East. Before the big move takes place, we went over and took some photos to show you how fantastic our new home is looking.

Here's another view of the glass atrium reception area - taken from the second floor, looking down the stairs. You'll see the carpets are still being protected for our arrival next week!

View of the atrium from the second floor of new building September 2010

Just behind the reception desk (under the wooden wall in the photo above), you'll find General Office. Here's where our students hand in assignments, where the magic of timetabling occurs and where your applications for postgraduate and CPD courses are processed. You'll see from the picture that there's still some work to be done to make it ready for occupation!

View of General Office behind reception September 2010

The rooms for our students are also being set up - and some are nearly ready. Here's a picture of one of the software labs, complete with computers. The labs also include some desks with adjustable tops, suitable for wheelchair users. Underneath that is our library - which has already been stocked!

Software lab in new CS building September 2010

Library in new CS building September 2010

Finally, the landscaping is being finished off around the building - which includes putting in plants in our inner courtyard, around the pod. Here's how it's currently looking, in a shot taken looking at the pod with the glass reception in the background.

View of the pod and the glass reception September 2010

Update: August 2010

We've got some more photographs to show you from a recent site visit, as the building is being readied for our move in September. Below are some shots of the reception area - with a glass atrium, it will be a light, airy space to welcome you when you first arrive at Computer Science.

Computer Science glass atrium August 2010

View of reception desk August 2010

Inside, you can see how the wooden panelling reflects that on the outside of the building, and all the windows make the corridors bright.

View down corridor at top of stairs August 2010

Below you can see the landscaping being done around the building, so it will look fantastic, both inside and out!

View from Computer Science of end of building August 2010

Update 2: July 2010 - the finishing touches

We're very excited that the building has been receiving the finishing touches throughout July, to enable us to move in to a lovely new building over the summer. Here's a selection of shots that show you how the building is looking, complete with carpets and painted walls.

It's definitely our building - it has our name on it!

Computer Science name on outside of new building

Here's the common room and one of the seminar rooms in the Pod - just having the finishing touches added:

Putting the finishing touches to the pod July 2010


Finishing off the seminar room in the pod July 2010

Finally, here's one of our new labs - check out the difference from our first update in December 2009!

The labs in July 2010 finished

We'll soon be bringing you pictures of the finished building, once we're allowed in with our camera!

Update July 2010

Our building gets nearer and nearer to completion as we prepare to move over the summer. Here's a few shots of the latest developments: you can see that carpets are being laid, and walls are being painted. Note the fetching white plastic is just to protect our lovely new carpet from getting dirty!

Carpet laid and walls painted in new building June 2010

Here's a shot of the labs - they are definitely taking shape with the walls painted and benches installed:

View of the labs in June 2010

Finally, here's some pictures of the outside, so you can see how much progress is being made there - note the lack of scaffolding, and the paths being laid around the pod. You can even see that the roof is being laid on the pod:

View of the pod and external cladding June 2010

Laying grass on the roof of the pod June 2010

Update May 2010

Only a quick site visit this month, to bring you a great exterior shot of the building. This shows the inner courtyard of the building, including the pod, and shows you just how far the building has come in a relatively short period. We're all getting very excited here that the move is just months away!

View of the pod and courtyard from one side of the CS building May 2010



Update April 2010

This month we have sneak preview of what the interior will look like when the building is finished - and interior pictures from the site visit.

The building is looking great - a lot of the external cladding is up, and the interior rooms are getting internal walls and floors. The pictures below show just how far it's moved on in such a short space of time (remember December's interior shot, below):

View into a room at Heslington East Computer Science building April 2010 with internal walls and floor

The pod, which will house the common room and seminar rooms, is also making good progress. Here you can see the futuristic skylights from the inside:

Inside the Pod in the Computer Science building at Heslington East April 2010

You can also see progress being made on the exterior of the building. This shot shows the cladding and the full length windows, where there will be break out space and kitchens. This shows just how much light will be coming into the building.

External shot of Computer Science building at Heslington East April 2010

As promised, here's a sneak preview of how the finished rooms will look, complete with their colour schemes.

A view of the common room and seminar room in the pod:

A artist's impression of the common rooom in the pod of the Computer Science building at Heslington East  An artist's impression of the seminar room in the pod in the Computer Science building at Heslington East

Here's how the laboratories will look - plenty of light and space to use the computers:

Artist's impression of a typical teaching lab in the Computer Science building at Heslington East

Soon we hope to show you these visualisations as reality. Keep checking back for more updates!

External walls going up March 2010

Work on the new Computer Science building is always ongoing - but now it is getting its external cladding. As you can see from the photos below, it's going to look great.

External cladding beginning to be added to Heslington East CS building March 2010


Close up of external cladding of CS Hes East building March 2010

Update on progress February 2010

Despite the snow and adverse weather conditions, work has continued on the Computer Science building, and we are still on schedule for moving in ready for the new academic year in October 2010. Here are some of the latest pictures from the site, where you can see that walls, windows and roofs are all now firmly in place!


View of one gable end of the building, showing the wooden exterior panelling that will be in place.

The second shot, below, of the side of the building gives you an idea of the progress being made externally.

  Shows the wooden gable end of the CS building under construction February 2010

View of one side of CS building February 2010


View of the pod, which will house seminar rooms and a common room. The skylights will ensure plenty of natural light, and this photo shows more of the outside wooden panelling that will be in place. You will notice that the pod has come a long way since December, when it did not even have external walls!

View of pod skylights and wooden outside wall covering February 2010

The photo below shows the building length windows which will give natural light to breakout and kitchen areas.

View of CS building showing full height windows covering all floors kitchen and break out areas February 2010

Site visit December 2009

The building is currently being weather-proofed, so windows are being fitted, ready for electrics and internal work to be started in the New Year. It's really starting to take shape inside, with some internal walls being put in and work starting on the glass atrium reception area. Here's some of the latest photographs from the site:

View of the new glass reception and pod which will house seminar rooms and a common room:

CS Hes East building reception and pod under construction December 2009

View of the academic wing of the building looking over the pod:

View of the pod and academic wing December 2009

The new hardware labs (a little more work is needed!):

Internal shot of new CS building - hardware labs - December 2009

We will bring you more updates as work progresses, so keeping checking back regularly.

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