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Many of these technologies are available as libraries, either purely in software for most common operating systems and flavours, or in versions that also utilise the PRESENCE hardware, with application programming interfaces (APIs) that are almost identical between these flavours.


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The Advanced Uncertain Reasoning Architecture, a form of neural network or associative memory underpinning much of the work of the group.

AURA Graphmatcher

A system for constraint graph matching using neural relaxation by elimination. This is used in work on matching chemical structures, trademarks, and so on.


Distributed AURA systems.


A leading 3D face recognition system. Please refer to Cybula Ltd. for more information.

Pattern Match Controller

A system for controlling and distributing search over geographically separated systems.

Signal Data Explorer

A system to allow signal and time series data to be viewed and mined.

Text Matching

Systems for matching text and partial or inexact text, e.g. Address matching, or synonym text search

TradeMark Recognition

Recognition of images based on Gestalt principles to match based on human perceptual princples.


A dedicated hardware plaform in the form of PCI cards (PRESENCE2) or PCI-express cards (PRESENCE3) utilising digital signal processors (DSP) and field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) to enhance the execution speed of AURA and other algorithms.

This is also available in a commercial form for purchase via Cybula Ltd.






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