Search Based Software Engineering


Search-based software engineering involves the application of search heuristics to complex software engineering problems that tend to be resistant to more traditional techniques and approaches.

Work on SBSE at York involves both York-based research, as well as co-operation as part of larger multi-party projects.

Latest news

October 29 07
Special Session at CEC '08: Computational Intelligence for Software Engineering

The proposal for a special session at CEC '08 on Computational Intelligence for Software Engineering has been accepted. This has been organised by members of the Birmingham SEBASE team and includes in its scope the use of metaheuristics and other computational intelligence methods in solving software engineering problems.

More details at

Submission deadline is 1 December, but is likely to be extended

October 25 07
Modern Software Engineering Brainstorm

Thank you to everyone who participated in the brainstorm on how SEBASE can assist modern software engineers. Particular thanks to Richard Paige for his talk on Agile Processes and contributing ideas to the brainstorm.

Slides and a photo of the whiteboard:

Motivation and Scope - Simon and Paul (PDF)

Agile Processes - Richard Paige (MS PowerPoint)

Photograph of whiteboard (JPEG)