The final programme for YDS 2016 is as follows:

08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome
09:15 Keynote Martin Trefzer   -   (University of York)
Engineering Taught by Nature: Biologically Inspired Electronic Systems
10:15 Abstract James Thorne   -   (University of Sheffield)
A Convolution Kernel for Sentiment Analysis using Word-Embeddings (PDF)
10:30 Abstract Fatima Abdallah   -   (Birmingham City University)
An Analysis Approach for Context-Aware Energy Feedback Systems (PDF)
10:45 Industry Sponsored talk - Thales
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Session introduction
11:35 Paper Simon Grey   -   (University of Hull)
Gaining Insight from Student's Use of Source Control (PDF)
12:00 Paper Haitao Mei   -   (University of York)
Selecting Execution-Time Server Parameters for Real-Time Stream Processing Systems (PDF)
12:25 Paper Alaa Al-Zoubi   -   (University of Lincoln)
Analysing Fish Behaviours Using Three-Dimensional Qualitative Trajectory Calculus (PDF)
12:50 Industry Sponsored talk - ETAS
13:05 Lunch
14:00 Keynote Steve Furber   -   (University of Manchester)
Building Brains
15:00 Abstract Michael Walker   -   (University of York)
Systematic Testing for Distributed Systems (PDF)
15:15 Abstract Matt Windsor   -   (University of York)
Starling: Stress-Free Concurrency Verification (PDF)
15:30 Industry Sponsored talk - SimOmics
15:45 Coffee Break
16:15 Session introduction
16:20 Paper Alejandro Delgado Castro   -   (University of York)
Multipitch Estimation Applied to Single-Channel Audio Source Separation (PDF)
16:45 Paper Dongxu Han   -   (University of Buckingham)
Towards a Confidence-Centric Classification based on Gaussian Models and Bayesian Principles (PDF)
17:10 Paper Matt Dale   -   (University of York)
Reservoir Computing: Evolution in Materio's Missing Link (PDF)
17:35 Thanks
17:45 Poster session