Please follow the links below to view videos of each presentation from the Symposium.

Session 1
Keynote: Kevin Warwick (Deputy Vice Chancellor Coventry University)
Cyborgs, Robots with Brains and the Turing Test
Matt Dale
Unconventional Reservoir Computers: Exploiting Materials to Perform Computation
Extended Abstract
Session 2
Mustafa Aydin and Jeremy Jacob
Adapting the Cloud-COVER Threat Modelling Tool to Cover Threats for the Internet of Things
Full Paper
Anna Bramwell-Dicks, Helen Petrie and Alistair Edwards
The Effect of Vocals and Music Volume on Transcription Typing Speed
Full Paper
Keynote: Gordon Hollingworth (Raspberry Pi, UK)
Hardware and Software: Better Together?
Session 3
Panel: Keynotes, Lecturers and Industrial Partners
Fatma Layas, Helen Petrie, and Christopher Power
A Study of Students’ Motivations to Participate in a Crowdsourcing Project to Support Their Disabled Peers
Full Paper
Michael Davies and Jassim Happa
A Pilot Study Investigating the Process of Risk Assessment and Re-Accreditation in UK Public Sector System
Full Paper
Session 4
Matt Windsor and Mike Dodds
Verifying a Very Racy Stack
Full Paper
Sahar Arshi and Darryl Davis
Towards a Fitness Function for Musicality using LPM
Full Paper
Keynote: James Ravenscroft (IBM, UK)
IBM Watson, Partridge and the Importance of Natural Language Processing for Scientific Discovery