The programme for 2013/2013 is as follows:

08:30 Registration Opens
09:00 Welcome
09.15 Session 1
09.15 Industrial Keynote by Prof. Rashik Parmar
A Glimpse into the Future of Technology
10.00 James Stovold, Simon O’Keefe and Jon Timmis
The Behavioural Uncanny Valley: Social Acceptance and Life in Cognitive Robotics
Extended Abstract
10.15 Morning Coffee Break
10.45 Session 2
10.45 Athanasios Zolotas
Domain-Specific Languages for Web Application Development Processes
Full Paper
11.15 Adolfo Sanchez-Barbudo Herrera, Edward Willink, Richard Paige, Louis Rose and Dimitris Kolovos
Automatic Application of Visitors to Evolving Domain-Specific Languages
Full Paper
11.45 Lei Shi
To Build Light Gamification upon Social Interactions: Requirement Analysis for the Next Version of Topolor
Extended Abstract
12.00 Abdulaziz Alabdulhafez
Quantifying the Risk of Multi-tenancy in the Cloud
Extended Abstract
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Session 3
13.15 Industry Panel Session with Q&A
14.00 Chaminda Alocious, Hanan Xiao and Bruce Christianson
A Media Access Control Protocol for Wireless Adhoc Networks with Misbehavior Avoidance
Extended Abstract
14.15 Suleyman Al-Showarah, Naseer Al-Jawad and Harin Sellahewa
Examining eye-tracker scan paths for elderly people using smart phones
Full Paper
14.45 Afternoon Coffee Break
15.15 Session 4
15.15 Eric Chiejina, Hannan Xiao and Bruce Christianson
A Candour-based Trust and Reputation Management System for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Full Paper
15.45 Johannes Hiltscher and Wolfgang Rehm
Direct system integration of hardware models – a case study
Full Paper
16.15 Prof. John Clark
Breaking Enigma
University of York
17.00 Closing Remarks
17.15 Poster Session
18.30 Conference Close
19.30 Conference Banquet
Drinks reception for dinner at 8pm, Hilton Hotel, York
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