A‌ Week in the Life of Owen Hurford‌

Owen Hurford 2017

What is Owen studying?

Owen is in his fourth year of the MEng in Computer Science.

He has chosen the five year course, which includes a year in industry. He completed his placement last year at Sophos where he worked as a Software Engineer.

Where is Owen from?

Owen is from Preston in Lancashire. During term time in his first year, he lived in Langwith College. He now lives off-campus.


On Mondays, I start lectures in the morning. First up is a lecture in Real-Time Systems, then I have a Embedded Systems lecture. In the afternoon there are lectures on Machine Learning, Programming Correctness and Graph Transformations. At the end of the day I go home to make dinner.

I'm currently completing an assessment for Embedded Systems, so I’m writing up some of the design decisions I made over the weekend. Then there’s the chance to watch some catch-up TV with the friends I live with before bed.


My day starts again with a Real-Time Systems lecture, followed by another in Embedded Systems. Just before lunch there's a Real-Time Systems lab session.  This is a great chance to let me try out what we've learnt in this week's lectures.  Then I end with a Coding Theory lecture.

I'm done by 3.30pm, which gives me time to grab something to eat on campus before heading home to work on my assessment. There's a free bus which runs across campus, making it easy to get home afterwards!



In the morning it's an Embedded Systems lab. This is a good chance to work on my assessment with the hardware I need. I can work in the labs anytime during the day but labs are a good time as there are also demonstrators around.

I work as a Student Ambassador at the University so I’m spending the afternoon with a school group talking about careers options. I usually talk about my year in industry, which helps the school groups to learn more about the options available to them.


On Thursday mornings I have an Embedded Systems practical, and in the afternoon I have a couple of lectures and Machine Learning and Graph Theory lab sessions.

Having lectures and practicals mixed in together is good as lectures have a lot of information in them, so you get a chance to do something different between them.

As I have a late start on Fridays, I like to go out on Thursday evenings with friends. We might go to one of the Student Union official nights in the city centre, or just for a drink. Bus services run throughout the night so it’s easy to get home.


Fridays start in the afternoon, which means I get a lie in and a chance to work on my assessment some more. It's also a good chance to do my grocery shopping at the nearby supermarket.

There is a Information Theory problem class in the afternoon. It's a good time look back (with help) over the past couple of weeks lectures on the topic.


I tend to take the weekends quite slowly! In the morning, I pop into York to do some shopping. Later on, I catch up on some studying, working on revising the week's lectures.

I manage the technology used by the student newspaper Nouse, so I might make some changes to their website and try new things out with them.

Afterwards, I catch up on the week’s TV in the kitchen with the friends I live with.


Another leisurely day, and I take the work quite slowly through the day. I'm trying to make sure my assessment is finished today as the hand in is next week.

In the evening I'll pop to a local pub and grab something to eat with a couple of friends (one of them graduated last year and now works in York). When I'm back I'll double check everything is ready for next week and have an early night.


Students in the Ron Cooke Hub

Computer Science student with robots

Students sitting outside Glasshouse, Langwith College