A Week in the Life of Marco Jones‌‌

What is Marco studying?

Marco has just completed the first year of his four year Computer Science degree, which includes a year in industry.

Where is Marco from?

Marco is from Enfield in Middlesex.


On Mondays, I have a combination of lectures and practical sessions.

In practicals, I could be programming at processor level, designing circuits for small devices, or learning a new computing language. One thing for sure is that, in all of them, I always feel like I've achieved something.

There are lectures for all of the modules we do. All the lecture slides are on the webpages for each module, and so they are easily accessible for students. Most of them are recorded too, so we can easily review lectures that we have attended.


Lectures start after lunch, and so I spend the morning in town - I’ll always find something new to do or to look at.

In the evening, I go out with friends to one of the many bars and clubs in town. The people I go out with are friends from the Japanese society, my course mates or my house mates.


I have just the one practical in the morning today and then, as it is Wednesday, we all have the afternoon off. 

In the evening, I go across to the Sports Hall on Heslington West for caving training with the York University Caving and Potholing Club.

When we've finished, we go to one of the campus bars for a drink and to plan the weekend’s caving trips for club members.


After a day of practicals, I meet up with friends at one of the societies of which I am a member. This could be Jugglesoc, the Japanese Society or the Korean Society.

Alternatively, I might take in some more caving practice, or do some diving with the York University Sub Aqua Club. 

The cultural societies are great: people always want to tell you about their home country, so making friends is easy. The societies give you the opportunity to do things you wouldn't otherwise do, like learning a new language, or cooking delicious new dishes.


Today, I have more practicals and lecture, and then a free evening. Time to relax!


On Saturdays, I often go in York city centre during the day.

After that, I sometimes have a meet-up with the Game Development Society, and, usually, there is an opportunity for a society weekend trip. 


My average Sunday is spent with the Gliding Society, where we fly powered or unpowered planes. Next year, I hope to compete in cross country flights of about 200 km. I eventually want to learn aerobatics and possibly get to instructor level.

The University of York offers a great social life, with plenty of interesting societies to get involved in. I always find something cool to do if I look for it!


Students in Glasshouse, Langwith College