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Where you might spend your year in industry

The following companies are a sample of the companies who have provided or are keen to provide placements for Computer Science undergraduates:

CompanyType of business
Abbot Medical science
Amadeus Ticketing/ booking systems
ARM Leading microprocessor developer
BAE Systems Civil/ defence research
BT Networks/ security
CERN Science research
Covance Clinical trials analysis
CSC IT solutions
Datatrial Web/ clinical trials analysis
Detica Computer security consultants
DSTL Defence research
GlaxoSmithKline Medical science
Goldman Sachs Finance
IBM Computing services
Informed Solutions Geographic Information Systems
Mercedes GP Automotive software development/F1 team
MicroFocus Enterprise systems/ management software
MooD International Enterprise systems/ management software
Nestle Management systems
Philips Medical research
Sophos Computer security
Syngenta IRC Agrochemical analysis
Thales Control systems, defence real time embedded systems
YorkTest Medical analysis

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Companies who provide our placements include:


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