Eduroam: Information for Visitors

We support the JRS2 tier, and provide public IP addresses. Visitors can connect to the service via the wireless network, using either WPA/TKIP (deprecated) or WPA2/AES (strongly recommended), or through a suitable wired network port, configured for 802.1X. (Most ports in the building, including office, breakout space, meeting room and lab ports.)

Please note that support, including the setup of your wireless/wired supplicant, is generally the responsibility of your home organisation, though we can advise on local matters such as suitable ports to connect to.

The University provides the same service across campus, please see their page for more information.

Acceptable Use Policies

The following acceptable use policies/regulations apply, in addition to the acceptable use policies/regulations of your home organisation:


All the ports required by the eduroam(UK) specification are permitted. The department does no filtering of these ports, however the University does operate a firewall/IDS at the campus border, which prohibits peer-to-peer traffic amongst other things. (They do not publish a list.) No proxying is performed.

Last updated: January 15th, 2013