Eduroam: Information for Members of the Department

You can use your credentials to authenticate at any Eduroam site, including the rest of campus. You should ensure your portable device is configured for Eduroam before leaving for your visit. Assuming your device is correctly configured, with our certificate installed, your password is never exposed to the organisation you are visiting.

You can contact our support helpdesk for assistance, whether connecting in the department, elsewhere on campus, or at any other participating institution.

Acceptable Use Policies

The following acceptable use policies/regulations apply when gaining access using credentials we provide, in addition to the acceptable use policies/regulations of the organisation you are visiting:

Detailed Setup Instructions

The following, detailed setup instructions are broadly relevant:

The following changes apply when setting up for Eduroam usage:

It is also critical that you correctly install and configure the appropriate certificate, details are provided in the instructions, so that you do not risk exposing your password to sites you are visiting.

You should ensure your portable device is set up before travelling, as support is generally the responsibility of the home organisation (ie. the department) and not the organisation you are visiting.


If you want access to our network resources from a remote site, and are a member of staff/research student, you can make use of the University's VPN service. The ports used are mandated to be open by the eduroam(UK) specification, so this should be supported at any eduroam(UK) member site.

Last updated: January 15th, 2013