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Rapita Systems

Rapita Systems is a spin off company from the Department of Computer Science. It was founded in 2004 by Dr Guillem Bernat and Dr Rob Davis built on research done by the Real-Time Systems Group.

Whilst meeting with industrial partners, the idea arose that the research could be turned into a successful product. This proved to be correct, as Rapita is a growing company, with successful sales to household names in aerospace, automotive and telecoms.

Rapita’s vision is to become the recognised leader in software performance analysis tools for real-time and embedded development. Their core product, RapiTime, makes big improvements to real-time software with less effort and lower costs.

Rapita continues to retain strong links with the Department, for example:

  • All of their technical staff are former students or staff
  • They continue to work with staff from the Department

Rapita are always interested to talk with students and graduates from the Department who have an interest in what we do, and who may have an idea for a project, an internship or who might consider working with them.

Want to know more?

For further information, take a look at Rapita Systems website.

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Rapita Systems

Case Study

BAE Systems asked Rapita Systems to identify opportunities for worst-case execution time reduction in state-of-the-art software which powers one of BAE’s most famous planes and one of the world’s most successful advanced training aircraft Hawk (pictured above).

Read the full BaE-Hawk case study (PDF)