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Seminar Series Summer 1997

All Seminars are on Wednesdays at 2:15pm in X/D007 unless otherwise indicated.

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  • Wk 1, 30th April, Ken Brodlie, The University of Leeds
    Collaboration in Visualization.
  • Wk 2, 7th May, Steve Brewster, The University of Glasgow
    Navigating with non-speech sound.
  • Wk 3, 14th May, No seminar: UNIVERSITY OPEN DAY
  • Wk 4, 21st May, Murray Shanahan, Queen Mary and Westfield College
    Planning and Cognitive Robotics.
  • Wk 5, 28th May, Peter Ross, The University of Edinburgh
    Genetic Algorithms for Timetabling: a Good Idea or Not?.
  • Wk 6, 4th June, Michael Butler, The University of Southhampton
    Combining Action Systems and B AMN in the Design of Distributed Systems.
  • Wk 7,11th June, Gerry Kelleher, Liverpool J.M. University
    Determining General Consequences of Sets of Actions.
  • Wk 8,18th June, Bruce Graham, Edinburgh University
    Including biological constraints in an artificial neural net model of associative memory
  • Wk 9, 25th June, No seminar: Examiners Meeting

    Summer Vacation Extras 1997

    There are two seminars organised by John McDermid on THURSDAY 7TH AUGUST by Dr Tony Cant. Both are in X/D007 as usual. Please note the different times.

  • 11.00am
    Computer-Based Safety Critical Systems in Defence: Evolution of the Safety Case
  • 2.00pm
    Design Oriented Verification and Evaluation (DOVE)
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    Seminar Organiser:

    Peter C. Wright / +44 1904 43 2747 / <>

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