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Seminar Series Summer 1995

All Seminars are on Wednesdays at 2:15pm in X/D007 unless otherwise indicated.

Select below for more details on individual seminars:

  • Wk 1, 3 May, Jeremy Dick, B-Core (UK) Ltd,
    The B approach to developing provable programs
  • Wk 2, 10 May, Prof. Chris Mitchell, Royal Holloway College,
    Security in future mobile telecommunications: some problems and proposed solutions
  • Wk 3, 17 May, no seminar, but the University Open Day.
  • [Wk 4, 24 May, George Wells, Rhodes University, South Africa,
    The Implementation of an Extended Version of Linda
    (Contact: Andrew Douglas). ]
  • Wk 4, 4.15pm, Thu 25 May, P/T005,
    Ray Reiter, Distinguished Lecturer in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning,
    Cognitive Robotics: Integrating Reasoning, Perception and Action
    (Information is also avaliable as PostScript.)
  • Wk 5, 1:15pm, 29 May 1995,
    Alena Griffiths, Department of Computer Science, The University of Queensland,
    The Semantics of Object-oriented Formal Specification Languages
    (Contact: David Duke)
  • Wk 5, 31 May, Paul Curzon, Cambridge Computer Laboratory,
    Obtaining Correctness Theorems about Compiled Code
  • Wk 6, 7 Jun, Helen Petrie, Hertfordshire,
    Multimedia interfaces to GUIs for blind computer users
  • Wks 7-9, No seminars.
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