The University of York Department of Computer Science

Seminar Series Autumn 1994

All Seminars are on Wednesdays at 2:15pm in X/D007 unless otherwise indicated.
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  • 19 Oct, Roberto Garigliano,
    The LOLITA system as an Example of Natural Language Engineering.
  • Fri 21 Oct, Colin Fidge, Adding Real Time to Formal Program Development
  • CANCELLED Tue 25 Oct, Robert Dewar, The GNAT compiler: A Technical Tour
  • 2 Nov, Richard Bornat, JAPE: Proof without tears
  • 9 Nov, Manus Henry, Sensor Validation
  • Fri 11 Nov, Paul Pritchard, How To Discard Useless Information
  • 16 Nov, Stephen Muggleton, Bayesian Inductive Logic Programming, V/119
  • 23 Nov, Mark Jones, Using Types to Parse Natural Language
  • 12:15, Thu 24 Nov, Wei Kwok-kee, The Query Cube:..., D/056
  • [3:15, Thu 24 Nov, Bret Michael Formal System Specification and Testing of Critical Real-Time Vehicle Control Software---organised by Jonathan Moffet.]

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