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Departmental Seminar Series

Spring 2009

All Seminars are on Wednesdays at 2:00pm in CS103 unless otherwise indicated.

Select below for more details on individual seminars.

  • 21 January, Inaugural Seminar: Will Smith (University of York)
    "Estimating the 3D shape of faces and other objects from a single image"
    Seminar hosted by John McDermid.
  • 28 January, Grand Challenge Series: Morris Sloman (Imperial College)
    "Ubiquitous Computing: A Research Grand Challenge"
    Visit hosted by Jim Woodcock.
  • 4 February, Tom Khabaza (Spss Inc.)
    "Data Mining - Learning the Truth"
    Seminar hosted by Helen Petrie.
  • 11 February, Karl Friston (UCL), FRS
    "A new sort of filter"
    Visit hosted by Edwin Hancock.
  • 25 February, Graham Finlayson (University of East Anglia)
    "Processing Pipelines for Digital Photography"
    Visit hosted by Jim Austin.
  • 4 March, Volker Sorge (University of Birmingham)
    "Human Mathematics on Computers: Dealing with "..." in Matrices"
    Visit hosted by Paul Cairns.
  • 11 March, Nello Cristianini (Bristol University)
    "Are We There Yet?"
    Visit hosted by Will Smith.
  • 18 March, Alan Frisch (University of York)
    "The Proper Treatment of Undefinedness in Constraint (and perhaps other) Languages"
    Seminar hosted by John Clark.

  • Seminar Organiser:

    Ana Cavalcanti
    Phone: +44 1904 43 2813
    E-mail address: First Name.Last