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Departmental Seminar Series

Summer 2007

All Seminars are on Wednesdays at 2:00pm in CS103 unless otherwise indicated.

Select below for more details on individual seminars.

  • Friday, 27 April, 2:00pm, Ed Gibson (Microsoft)
    " Computing 'Environment': It's more than Binary Code - It's About Criminals!"
  • 2 May, Joe Sventek (Univeristy of Glasgow)
    "Design, Implementation and Adaptation of Sensor Networks through Multidimensional Co-Design"
    Visit hosted by Alan Burns.
  • 9 May, Guillem Bernat (University of York)
    "Probabilistic Timing Analysis... or How 'Independent' Is Your Code?"
  • 16 May, Beth Hutchison (IBM)
    "Why All the Hype around Event Processing?
    Visit hosted by Gus Vigurs
  • 23 May, Alan Newell (University of Dundee)
    Distinguished Lecturer in Computer Science
    "Computer Systems for Extra-ordinary Users"
    Visit hosted by Helen Petrie
  • 30 May, no seminar
  • 6 June, no seminar (speaker cancellation)
  • 13 June, Dino Distefano (Queen Mary, University of London)
    "Adaptive Program Analysis for Heap-Allocated Data-Structures"
    Visit hosted by Jan Tobias Mühlberg
  • 20 June, no seminar (examining)
  • 27 June, no seminar (examining)
  • Friday, 17 August, Marilyn Walker (Univ. of Sheffield)
    "Generating Language with Personality for Dialogue Systems and Computer Gaming
    Visit hosted by Susan Stepney
  • Monday, 3 September, Alfred Inselberg (Tel Aviv University, Israel & San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA)
    "Multidimensional Visualization and Its Applications"
    Visit hosted by John Clark

  • Seminar Organiser:

    Alan Frisch
    +44 1904 43 2745