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Departmental Seminar Series

Spring 2006

All Seminars are on Wednesdays at 2:00pm in CS103 unless otherwise indicated.

Select below for more details on individual seminars.

  • 18 January, Stefek Zaba (HP Labs, Bristol)
    "The Sky Is Falling -- Everything's Fine: Mass Deployment of Security Technologies and Responsible Critique"
    Visit hosted by John Clark
  • 25 January, Iain Bate (University of York)
    "Novel Approaches for Designing Real-Time Systems"
  • 1 February, David Lowe (Univ. of British Columbia, Canada)
    "Object Recognition using Invariant Local Features"
    Visit hosted by Edwin Hancock
  • 8 February, Eric C. R. Hehner (University of Toronto)
    "From Boolean Algebra to Unified Algebra"
    Visit hosted by Richard Paige
  • 15 February, Helmut Simonis (CrossCore Optimization)
    "Sudoku as a Constraint Problem"
    Visit hosted by Alan Frisch
  • 22 February, No seminar
  • 1 March, Chris Kimble (University of York)
    "A Tale of Two Concepts"
  • 8 March, Irek Ulidowski (Univ. of Leicester)
    "Reversing Algebraic Process Calculi"
    Visit hosted by Gerald Luettgen
  • 15 March, Jim Woodcock (University of York)
    "MC/DC Testing Can Be Formal Too"

  • Seminar Organiser:

    Alan Frisch
    +44 1904 43 2745