University of York, Department of Computer Science

Seminar Series Spring 2003

All Seminars are on Wednesdays at 2:00pm in CS103 unless otherwise indicated.

Select below for more details on individual seminars:

  • 15 January, No Seminar
  • 22 January, Frank van Harmelen (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
    Distinguished Lecturer in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
    "Robust Knowledge Representation: Better Half an Answer in Time Than a Full Answer Too Late"
    Slides from this talk
    Visit hosted by Alan Frisch.

    • The speaker also delivered a talk entitled "The Semantic Web: How the Web can Exploit Knowledge Representation" at the University of Leeds. Slides from this talk
  • 29 January, Jeremy Dick (Telelogic)
    "Capturing Rationale Using Rich Traceability"
    Visit hosted by Kester Clegg.
  • 5 February, Brian Holloway and colleagues (IBM UK Laboratories)
    "An Introduction to the IBM Scholars Programme"
    Visit hosted by Michael Harrison
  • 12 February, Mike Holcombe (University of Sheffield)
    "Creativity in Abstract Art: A Computational Perspective"
    Visit hosted by John Clark.
  • 19 February, John Clark (University of York)
    "An Introduction to Quantum Computing for Computer Scientists and Other Idiots"
  • 26 February, Robert E. Smith (Univ. of the West of England)
    "Innovation with Genetics-Based Machine Learning? Results and Questions (at The Edge of Chaos)"
    Visit hosted by John Clark.
  • 5 March, Jonathan Blackledge (Loughborough Univ and Durand Technology Limited)
    "Cryptology using Fractals and Chaos"
    Visit hosted by Savita De Souza.
  • 12 March, Ursula Martin (Univ. of St. Andrews)
    "Computational Models of Control"
    Visit hosted by Ian Toyn.
  • Friday, 11 April, 14:00, Yiannis Aloimonos (Univ. of Maryland)
    "From Visual Illusions to Harmonic Computational Geometry"
    Visit hosted by Edwin Hancock.

  • Seminar Organiser:

    Alan Frisch
    +44 1904 43 2745

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