SemEval-2010 Word Sense Induction & Disambiguation Task

Word Sense Induction (WSI) is defined as the process of identifying the different senses (or uses) of a target word in a given text in an automatic and fully-unsupervised manner.

The goal of this task is to allow comparison of unsupervised sense induction and disambiguation systems. A secondary outcome of this task will be to provide a comparison with current supervised and knowledge-based methods for sense induction and sense disambiguation.

Paper available: SemEval-2010 Word Sense Induction & Disambiguation Task Description Paper.


  • Evaluation scripts & keys available here.
  • Training available here.
  • Testing available here.
  • WSI systems results avalaible here.
  • Final schedule.
    Camera-ready papers: May 16
    Notification of acceptance: May 6
    System description papers due: April 17
    Release of systems' results: April 12th
    Submission of answers: April 2nd
    Release of testing data: March 31st
    Release of training data: March 22nd
  • Friday, 28 August 2009 - The task description page has been updated.
  • The trial data will be available on September 1st
  • The trial data are now available

Suresh Manandhar, University of York, suresh at
Ioannis P. Klapaftis, University of York, giannis at
Dmitriy Dligach, University of Colorado, Dmitriy.Dligach at