Up to three runs may be submitted by each team. Please upload a single zip file for each submission. The name of the submission should be  "",  where:

- taskN is  task9.1 or task9.2.
- GROUP is necessary to identify which group made the submission. 
- RUN is a integer value between 1 and 3, to distinguish multiple submissions.

For example, the UC3M team may submit the following files for the DDI Extraction subtask: task9.2_UC3M, task9.2_UC3M, task9.2_UC3M

Each zip should contain the following files:
- A document explaining the approach (400 words maximum) applied to generate this run.
- a txt file containing the ouput for this run. The output format for each task can be found here:

Contact Info

Contact info

  • Isabel Segura Bedmar (
  • Paloma Martinez (
  • Maria Herrero Zazo (

Other Info


  • Deadline extended: April 15.
  • Ranking of participants are now available.
  • Extended deadline for results submission (18th of March at 23.55 h. Madrid time (GMT +1)) .
  • Evaluation scripts are now available!!!.
  • Please read the information on format for submission.
  • Please read the documents on evaluation metrics for the task 9.1 and 9.2.
  • Please join the mailing list for updates:
  • Please, download training dataset again from the data section (last updated 31/01/2013).
  • Please, read the annotation guidelines of the DDI corpus.