Test Data

The test data can be downloaded from the ftp sever. You should have received an email with login instructions. Please notify  if you are a registered participant and have not received this email.

The test data for task9.1 and task9.2 are available in the directoy /home/task9/test data.



Training data

The training data can be donwloaded here. (last updated 08/01/2013)

Training data with pair tags can be donwloaded here (last updated 30/01/2013)


We have produced a new format of the corpus. The difference between the original corpus and the new corpus is very small: <ddi> tag is  replaced by <pair> tag.

While <ddi> is used only for interacting pairs, the <pair> tag is used for each pair of entities (drugs, brand drugs, groups of drugs and drugs not approved for human use). 

We hope that this change  would be a great help for the participants to generate the results of their systems. Training data with pair tags can be donwloaded here

For example the sentence "DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0" (document Aspirin_ddi.xml) originally contained three <ddi> tags:

        <ddi id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.d0" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e1" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e2" type="effect"/>
        <ddi id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.d1" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e1" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e3" type="effect"/>
        <ddi id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.d2" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e1" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e4" type="effect"/>

and the new format contains this information for each pair:

        <pair id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.p0" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e0" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e1" ddi="false"/>
        <pair id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.p1" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e0" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e2" ddi="false"/>
        <pair id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.p2" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e0" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e3" ddi="false"/>
        <pair id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.p3" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e0" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e4" ddi="false"/>
        <pair id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.p4" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e1" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e2" ddi="true" type="effect"/>
        <pair id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.p5" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e1" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e3" ddi="true" type="effect"/>
        <pair id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.p6" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e1" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e4" ddi="true" type="effect"/>
        <pair id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.p7" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e2" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e3" ddi="false"/>
        <pair id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.p8" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e2" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e4" ddi="false"/>
        <pair id="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.p9" e1="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e3" e2="DDI-DrugBank.d412.s0.e4" ddi="false"/>

We hope that this change  would be a great help for the participants to generate the results of their systems. Training data with pair tags can be donwloaded here (last updated 30/01/2013)





Contact Info

Contact info

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  • Paloma Martinez (
  • Maria Herrero Zazo (

Other Info


  • Deadline extended: April 15.
  • Ranking of participants are now available.
  • Extended deadline for results submission (18th of March at 23.55 h. Madrid time (GMT +1)) .
  • Evaluation scripts are now available!!!.
  • Please read the information on format for submission.
  • Please read the documents on evaluation metrics for the task 9.1 and 9.2.
  • Please join the mailing list for updates:
  • Please, download training dataset again from the data section (last updated 31/01/2013).
  • Please, read the annotation guidelines of the DDI corpus.