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Extended deadline for results submission (18th of March at 23.55 h. Madrid time (GMT +1))

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The DDIExtraction 2013 task concerns the recognition of drugs and extraction of drug-drug interactions that appear in biomedical literature.  The definition of drug-drug interaction (DDI) is broadly described as a change in the effects of one drug by the presence of another drug (e.g. Acetazolamide reduces urinary excretion of quinidine and may enhance its effect.). The detection of DDIs is an important research area in patient safety since these interactions can become very dangerous and increase health care costs.

Drug interactions are frequently reported in journals, making medical literature the most effective source for their detection. Information Extraction (IE) can be of great benefit in the pharmaceutical industry allowing identification and extraction of relevant information on DDIs and providing an interesting way of reducing the time spent by health care professionals on reviewing the literature.

The goal of the task is to provide a common framework for evaluation of information extraction techniques applied to the recognition of pharmacological substances and detection of drug-drug interactions from biomedical texts. The DDIExtraction 2011 task (see http://labda.inf.uc3m.es/DDIExtraction2011/) concentrated efforts on the novel aspects of the DDI extraction task, the drug recognition was assumed and the annotations for drugs were provided to the participants. This new DDIExtraction 2013 task will pursue the extraction of drug interactions as well as the recognition of drug names. Additionally, while the DDIExtraction 2011 shared task relied on the DDI corpus composed by texts describing DDIs from the DrugBank database, the DDIExtraction2013 also integrates MedLine abstracts in order to deal with different type of texts and language styles.


The DDIExtraction2013 Shared Task focuses on extraction of drug-drug interactions. This shared task is designed to address the extraction of DDIs as a whole, but divided into two subtasks to allow separate evaluation of the performance for different aspects of the problem. The shared task includes two challenges:

The DDIExtraction 2013 task relies on the DDI corpus which contains MedLine abstracts on drug-drug interactions as well as documents describing drug-drug interactions from the DrugBank database. 


Evaluation results are reported using the standard precision/recall/f-score metrics. For details, check the following documents  here: 

- Evaluation Metrics for the task 9.1


- Evaluation metrics for the task 9.2


The DDI Corpus 

A description of the corpus can be downloaded here.


The annotation guidelines of the DDI  corpus can be downloaded here.



Contact Info

Contact info

  • Isabel Segura Bedmar (isegura@inf.uc3m.es)
  • Paloma Martinez (pmf@inf.uc3m.es)
  • Maria Herrero Zazo (mhzazo@pa.uc3m.es)

Other Info


  • Deadline extended: April 15.
  • Ranking of participants are now available.
  • Extended deadline for results submission (18th of March at 23.55 h. Madrid time (GMT +1)) .
  • Evaluation scripts are now available!!!.
  • Please read the information on format for submission.
  • Please read the documents on evaluation metrics for the task 9.1 and 9.2.
  • Please join the mailing list for updates: http://groups.google.com/group/ddiextraction_semeval.
  • Please, download training dataset again from the data section (last updated 31/01/2013).
  • Please, read the annotation guidelines of the DDI corpus.