In order to participate in our SemEval task you simply need to:

  1. Download the trial data and start building your multilingual WSD system.
  2. Subscribe to our Google group to facilitate discussion and information exchange about this task.
  3. Starting March 5th, 2013, download the test data and submit your sense annotated solutions (up to three) to the task's FTP site.  (FTP details were provided with the email from your team's registration.)  
  4. Each team should submit each of their system's solutions in a separated archive file (.zip or .tgz). Archives should be named as task12-TEAM-APPROACH where TEAM is your team's registered name and APPROACH is a unique identifier used by your team for that solution. Submissions should include the sense annotations and a short README describing the system that produced the annotations. We ask that each submission's README include
    1. which sense inventory is used,
    2. a description of the WSD system,
    3. if the system is supervised, what training data was used, and
    4. what languages are being annotated.
  5. Write a paper describing your system.

Contact Info


Roberto Navigli
 Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
David A. Jurgens
 Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Other Info


  • March 3, 2013: BabelNet 1.1.1 Released for Task Sense Inventory.
  • July 2012: Trial data are out! You can find them here.
  • July 2013: Test data is now publicly available. Please download the data here.