SemEval 2013 Workshop Schedule


SemEval  FULL SCHEDULE including links to pdfs is available from here.


Please note that this year the proceedings distribution in hard-copy and USB sticks (disk on key) has been discontinued. Instead, the proceedings and schedule have been made available online ahead of time.


We thank NAACL and its publication chairs for their cooperation and help in making the proceedings, handbook, and mobile app available to the *SEM/SemEval community as well.


PLEASE DOWNLOAD (includes last minute changes to couple of papers that did not make into the official NAACL proceedings):  zipped version from here


Additional Information: NAACL + *Sem + SemEval Combined Proceedings

- ACL Anthology:

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- NAACL and *SEM handbook:  (Note that *SEM starts on page 69, and SemEval on page 93)

We encourage you to download the proceedings tarball, handbook PDF, and mobile app now, rather than once you arrive at the conference, since hotel internet services can be unreliable.  Please download the 180M tarball now, and bring it with you to the conference.

Some of the app features are:

- Searching for authors, talks, and other events
- Building a customized schedule by tagging talks that interest you
- Links from events to hotel maps
- Rating and taking notes on papers
- Direct links to ACL Anthology PDFs
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Instructions for preparing posters
The posters will be on self-standing posterboards on narrow conference tables (5-6 feet long x 18 inches deep). 

Each posterboard is 3 feet high and 4 feet wide.  Your poster needs to fit within these dimensions.

There will be plenty of pushpins, tape, clips, etc. as supplies to affix the posters.


13 June 2013       *Sem Main Conference only

                                        (See *Sem website for details)

Start Time

                 *SEM Reception and STS Poster Session
                          All SemEval attendees are invited
    18:30    02:00


14 June 2013            SemEval 2013 Workshop

Start Time Duration
Session SE1 - Session 1
Chair: Chris Biemann
Opening remarks 08:30 00:10
SemEval-2013 Task 1: TempEval-3: Evaluating Time Expressions, Events, and Temporal Relations 08:40 00:20
ClearTK-TimeML: A minimalist approach to TempEval 2013 09:00 00:20
HeidelTime: Tuning English and Developing Spanish Resources for TempEval-3 09:20 00:10
Keynote Address: David Forsyth (University of Illinois Urbana Champagne) 09:30 01:00
COFFEE BREAK 10:30 00:30
Session SE2 - Session 2
Chair: Els Lefever
ATT1: Temporal Annotation Using Big Windows and Rich Syntactic and Semantic Features 11:00 00:10
Semeval-2013 Task 8: Cross-lingual Textual Entailment for Content Synchronization 11:10 00:20
SOFTCARDINALITY: Learning to Identify Directional Cross-Lingual Entailment from Cardinalities and SMT 11:30 00:20
SemEval-2013 Task 5: Evaluating Phrasal Semantics 11:50 00:20
HsH: Estimating Semantic Similarity of Words and Short Phrases with Frequency Normalized Distance Measures 12:10 00:20
12:30 01:00
Joint *Sem/Shared Task/SemEval Panel Discussion 13:30 01:00
Session SE3 - Session 3
Chair: Myroslava Dzikovska
UNAL: Discriminating between Literal and Figurative Phrasal Usage Using Distributional Statistics and POS tags 14:30 00:20
SemEval-2013 Task 4: Free Paraphrases of Noun Compounds 14:50 00:20
MELODI: A Supervised Distributional Approach for Free Paraphrasing of Noun Compounds 15:10 00:20
FOR TASKS 4, 10, 11, 12 (15 SYSTEM + 4 TASK POSTERS)
15:30 01:00
Session SE4 - Session 4
Chair: Saif Mohammad
SemEval-2013 Task 10: Cross-lingual Word Sense Disambiguation 16:30 00:20
HLTDI: CL-WSD Using Markov Random Fields for SemEval-2013 Task 10 16:50 00:20
SemEval-2013 Task 11: Word Sense Induction & Disambiguation within an End-User Application 17:10 00:20
unimelb: Topic Modelling-based Word Sense Induction for Web Snippet Clustering 17:30 00:20
SemEval-2013 Task 12: Multilingual Word Sense Disambiguation 17:50 00:20
GETALP System : Propagation of a Lesk Measure through an Ant Colony Algorithm 18:10 00:10
DAEBAK!: Peripheral Diversity for Multilingual Word Sense Disambiguation 18:20 00:10


15 June 2013            SemEval Workshop

Start Time Duration
Session SE5 - Session 5
Chair: Theresa Wilson
SemEval-2013 Task 3: Spatial Role Labeling 08:40 00:20
SemEval-2013 Task 7: The Joint Student Response Analysis and 8th Recognizing Textual Entailment Challenge 09:00 00:20
ETS: Domain Adaptation and Stacking for Short Answer Scoring 09:20 00:15
SOFTCARDINALITY: Hierarchical Text Overlap for Student Response Analysis 09:40 00:15
UKP-BIU: Similarity and Entailment Metrics for Student Response Analysis 09:50 00:10
SemEval-2013 Task 13: Word Sense Induction for Graded and Non-Graded Senses 10:00 00:20
AI-KU: Using Substitute Vectors and Co-Occurrence Modeling For Word Sense Induction and Disambiguation 10:20 00:10
COFFEE BREAK 10:30 00:30
Session SE6 - Session 6
Chair: Deniz Yuret
unimelb: Topic Modelling-based Word Sense Induction 11:00 00:10
SemEval-2013 Task 2: Sentiment Analysis in Twitter 11:10 00:20
NRC-Canada: Building the State-of-the-Art in Sentiment Analysis of Tweets 11:30 00:20
GU-MLT-LT: Sentiment Analysis of Short Messages using Linguistic Features and Stochastic Gradient Descent 11:50 00:10
AVAYA: Sentiment Analysis on Twitter with Self-Training and Polarity Lexicon Expansion 12:00 00:10
SemEval-2013 Task 9 : Extraction of Drug-Drug Interactions from Biomedical Texts (DDIExtraction 2013) 12:10 00:20
FBK-irst : A Multi-Phase Kernel Based Approach for Drug-Drug Interaction Detection and Classification that Exploits Linguistic Information 12:30 00:20
WBI-NER: The impact of domain-specific features on the performance of identifying and classifying mentions of drugs 12:50 00:20
FOR TASKS 2, 3, 7, 9, 13 (65 SYSTEM + 5 TASK POSTERS)
13:10 02:20
Workshop Ends 15:30  



Contact Info


Suresh Manandhar, University of York, UK
Deniz Yuret, Koc University, Turkey

email :

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  • First Call for Participation (12 Sept. 2012)
  • Second Call for Participation (29 January 2012)
  • First Call for Papers (25 March 2013)
  • Second Call for Papers (4 April 2013)
  • Final Call for Papers (7 April 2013)