The SemEval program (including STS talks and posters) is posted in the SemEval website

In particular, the papers selected for an oral presentations are the following:

Day 1 : 7 June 2012

12:25 -- 12:40  SemEval-2012 Task 6: A Pilot on Semantic Textual Similarity
          Eneko Agirre, Daniel Cer, Mona Diab and Aitor Gonzalez-Agirre

16:15 -- 16:30  UKP: Computing Semantic Textual Similarity by Combining Multiple Content Similarity Measures
          Daniel Bär, Chris Biemann, Iryna Gurevych and Torsten Zesch

16:30 -- 16:45  TakeLab: Systems for Measuring Semantic Text Similarity
          Frane Šaric,  Goran Glavaš,  Mladen Karan,  Jan Šnajder,  Bojana Dalbelo Bašic

16:45 -- 17:00  Soft Cardinality: A Parameterized Similarity Function for Text Comparison
          Sergio Jimenez, Claudia Becerra and Alexander Gelbukh

17:00 -- 17:15  UNED: Improving Text Similarity Measures without Human Assessments
          Enrique Amigó, Jesus Gimenez, Julio Gonzalo and Felisa Verdejo

Day 2 : 8 June 2012

STS posters will be hold on the second day, on Poster Session 1 and 2.