If you would like to participate in SprL shared task, please send an email to Parisa Kordjamshidi and includ your name, organization, email address. Then you will recieve a user and password  to download the data and evaluation scripts.


Please notice that you need to do the following steps. This list is provided by SemEval organizers for all SemEval 2012 participants :
1. The registration on  Participants
only need to register once even if they participate in multiple tasks.
We will send the ftp instructions once they register.
2. The format of the submission.  We recommend a single zip file for
each submission.
3. The name of the submission.  We recommend a conventional file name
such as: "".
taskN (where N is the task number) is necessary in case they
participate in multiple tasks.
GROUP is necessary for you to identify which group made the submission.
APPROACH is necessary if you will accept multiple submissions from a
single group.
4. The content of the submission.  Please specify the exact contents
(each file, its name, format, and content) of the zip file necessary
for a valid submission.  We recommend sending your participants a
plain text form to be filled and included with each of their
submissions to help you write the task paper.