HIJA: High-Integrity Java Application

Demand for greater intelligence is increasing in the devices we use every day. As embedded systems become ubiquitous, they will be required to operate as high-integrity systems in delivering expected services.

Although a high level of reliability has been achieved for expensive applications like airplane avionics, these practices are too restrictive for building complex systems operating within a changing networked environment, and too expensive for use in broader applications for consumers and business.

In order to deliver a new generation of high-integrity real time applications, a more flexible, architecturally neutral implementation strategy is needed. The key to providing this flexibility is the development of architecturally neutral, real-time middleware technologies that support high-integrity systems.


Status Finished
Partners The Open Group, University of York, Trialog, Aonix, Aicas, FZI Karlsruhe, U. Karlsruhe, U.P. Madrid, Thales, Centro Riserche Fiat, Telecom Italia, Bellstream
Funded By EU STRP
Start Date 01-06-2004
End Date 01-09-2006
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