Generic Upgradable Architecture
for Real-time Dependable Systems

ESPRIT Project 20716
1 February 1996 - 31 January 1999

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Project Summary

The GUARDS project addresses the development of architectures, methods, techniques, and tools to support the design, implementation and validation of critical real-time systems. The innovative approach of the project towards this strategic objective lies on the elaboration and exploitation of a coherent methodology integrating five fundamental features:

The project is broken down into two phases and five workpackages. Current Study Phase includes Requirements and Design workpackages, and is expected to be completed by the end of April 1997.

Key Workpackage Description
R Requirements Elaboration of a framework encompassing both end-user requirements and standardisation requirements.
D Design Functional specification and preliminary design of GUARDS elements from the architecture down to the components, including development and validation means.
I Implementation Detailed definition and implementation of GUARDS elements.
A Application Validation of concepts, components and tools through their submission to actual industrial applications
MD Management and Dissemination Background actions of management and dissemination.


There are a total of eight partners in the GUARDS project. The project is led by three major industrialists in the Space, Nuclear and Railway fields. A careful specification of the needs of Industrial End-Users forms the basis from which appropriate mechanisms and architectures are identified and specified by Academic Partners with the support of Technology Providers' expertise and tools.

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