Site Update 2


  • Projects page has historical projects information on it, which is mostly complete.
  • PhD theses should now have abstracts and correct submission dates. Note: This was an automatic conversion; some PDFs did have issues and so not all theses have abstracts
  • Many of the old site PHP pages now redirect to the new site's eqivalent page.

Site Update

Since launch, the following changes have been made

  • People page has been updated to reflect who the University thinks is in the group ( If you're not on the people page now, let me know!
  • Project pages have been revamped, and a lot of info added (Thanks Leandro)
  • Fix Papers from 1998 having date information in the author field
  • Fixed "Real Time" to "Real-Time" in title (Thanks Russell)

Tasks still awaiting completion:

  • Update recent PhD pages with Abstracts + check submission times are correct

New Site Launch

In the interests of getting a working site deployed, the new RTS Site has now been launched.

There are two areas which need some work, as these were copy-pasted from the old site and need to be checked.

Beta Site Update 4

This is intended to be final beta version of the website design, barring any feedback. The remaining tasks concern content.


  • Ported Local Info from old site
  • Moved footer UoY logo to right edge
  • Added extra navigation links on index which appear only on mobile devices (as navbar is hidden by default on mobile devices)
  • Added temporary events page (not powered by pseudo-dynamic code yet) + link from index
  • Lightened navbar text colour
  • Improved appearance of Past People section
  • Embedded videos in Research Impact page
  • Update 19-06-15: Fixed issues with mobile version of research impact page and did additional edits

Current tasks:

Beta Site Update 3


  • Finalised the index page layout
  • Use RTS Group logo rather than Real Time Systems Group title (given navbar contains this)
  • Changed the titlebar from black to a more saturated version of the old RTS websites color
  • Fixed backlinks in books pages
  • Fixed mobile site not going to single column layout in publication index pages
  • Add UoY logo to footer

Current tasks:

  • Port Local Info from old site
  • Abstracts on PhDs, check PhD years of submission

Beta Site Update 2


  • Improvement to index pages in publications database appearance
  • Bibliography data from pre-1999 publications included
  • Changed system for generating index pages for news feed

Current tasks:

  • Port Local Info from old site
  • Abstracts on PhDs, check PhD years of submission

Beta Site Update


  • Added a Research Impact page, based on Rob's research impact page from REF
  • Temporary links to Local Info, Recent PhDs, PhD Applications on index; layout needs to be done for these correctly.
  • Link to academic staff webpages from index, like the old website
  • Remove EngD opportunities, replaced with a link to news feed (which is where Job adverts can easily go)
  • PhD theses now have year of PhD after author name - note that these years are not guaranteed to be accurate at present!
  • Replace Local Info on top bar with Reserach Impact

Current tasks:

  • Port Local Info from old site
  • Incorporate pre-1999 publication information
  • Abstracts on PhDs, check PhD years of submission

Beta Site is Live

If you see this, the beta site is live.

The new beta site is powered by Nikola, and hopefully should be free of the issues that made the old site problematic. These include the hover menus (did not work with new browsers, problematic with touch screens), a website designed in the 90's (not responsive, hurt Google rankings), and the PHP based biography (stopped working with HTTPS everywhere).

It also becomes much easier to update, and hopefully this will translate into more updates and content.

I'm aware that there's a whole host of issues. The local info pages are not yet ported across, most of the content is a simple cut and paste job from the old site, and I expect there's a lot of outdated stuff as well. It's all being worked on! It's why it's beta!