Current research projects

The Department has an extensive portfolio of research projects, including collaborations with blue-chip companies, government organisations and other high-ranking Universities in the UK and overseas. Substantial funding is provided by industrial sponsors, as well as by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) who supply a significant proportion of our research income. Research in the department is recognised world-wide and staff and research students can boast an extensive collection of published work, in journals, conference proceedings, books and online.

We have a major role in several important National and International research programmes and initiatives. Some of the programmes are highly interdisciplinary, for example The University of York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis (YCCSA), and many involve industrial and academic collaborations in the UK, e.g. CARMEN Neuroinformatics and Software Systems Engineering Initiative (SSEI), and internationally, e.g. International Technology Alliance (ITA).

Some examples of our current research projects are listed below:

CARMEN: Code analysis, repository, and modelling for e-Neuroscience

Funding body: EPSRC
Award value: £4,037,770 total (University of York share is £1,009,849)


Imperial College, Leicester University, Newcastle University, Plymouth University, St Andrews, The University of Stirling, University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, University of Sheffield, University of Warwick, University of York, Cybula Ltd., Lectus Therapeutics.

Project Summary:

The CARMEN Neuroinformatics Project is a four-year e-Science pilot project funded by the EPSRC. The objective is to create a virtual laboratory in which data on neuronal activity (electrical and optical measures) can be shared, stored, manipulated and modelled.

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LSCITS - Large Scale Complex IT Systems

A research and training initiative in the science and engineering of Large-Scale Complex IT Systems (LSCITS)
Funding body: EPSRC and industrial partners

Award value:

  • The Research Programme, runs October 2007-2012 and is funded by a grant of £5.6m from EPSRC. Additional contributions totalling £5m are expected from sources other than EPSRC (e.g., industrial partners) over this period. More information can be found at
  • The Training Programme starts in October 2008 with the last student graduating 2015. This is funded by a grant of £4.1m from EPSRC with additional contributions of £5.3m from industrial partners. More information can be found at


Large-Scale, Complex IT Systems (LSCITS) are considered to be a mesh of different systems, each of which is a technical or a socio-technical system in its own right. Adding functionality to a LSCITS may involve developing some new software and composing this with newly-procured COTS and with existing systems. LSCITS may therefore be in a state of continual change, with systems and processes added and removed in response to changing organisational needs and ongoing technological advances.

This funding allows, over the period 2007-2015, more than 250 person-years of effort. More infomation on why this national initiative was set up, the academics involved, the management structure and links to our various industrial partners, supporters, including further details about both the research programme and the proposed new Engineering Doctorate to be held at York and sponsors can be found at