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Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

Our HCI research group is one of the oldest in the UK. It is part of the University-wide HCI Group, which includes members in the departments of Psychology and Sociology. The Group undertakes research into the design and evaluation of interactive systems from both theoretical and applied perspectives. The group has a highly interdisciplinary approach drawing on methodologies from anthropology, computer science, mathematics, psychology and sociology.

Group Aims

The aim of the Human-Computer Interaction Research Group is to find ways of improving the quality and experience of interaction between humans and computers. One area of this research groups work looks at improvements by extending the scope of interaction beyond the conventional keyboard, mouse and screen by investigating the use of novel and multiple forms of communication: speech, non-speech sounds, touch and video. These forms of communication can also be important in making interaction accessible to those who have difficulty with conventional interactions because of age or disability. The group works with other Departments within the University, one example being a 'living home laboratory' which demonstrates various technologies and equipment for recording and analysing user behaviour in a domestic setting ensuring that future home technologies meet real social and personal needs.

Senior Member & Contact: Helen Petrie

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Research Areas

Methodologies and measurement in HCI

  • Eye tracking methods
  • Measures of engagement
  • Methods for remote usability evaluation
  • Measuring navigational consistency in websites.

Accessibility and usability of electronic information

  • Web accessibility
  • Accessibility of web authoring tools for disabled authors
  • Accessibility of graphic and pictorial information for visually impaired people.

E-learning and distance collaboration

  • Accessibility of Virtual Learning Environments for disabled and older students

Knowledge management

Multimedia/multimodal interaction

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Industrial and Academic Contacts

The HCI group has collaborations with a number of academic and industrial groups throughout the UK and beyond. Some of them are Royal National Institute for the Blind, British Telecom and Microsoft Research. Please see our complete list of industrial and academic collaborators.

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Academic Members of the Group

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News and Achievements

Helen Petrie has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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Information for Prospective Students

We welcome enquiries from students interested in all aspects of human-computer interaction. For research enquiries, please contact Helen Petrie.

For enquiries about our Masters in Human-Centred Interactive Technologies, please consult the course webpage and contact Helen Petrie.

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