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Funder: Aerospace Technology Institute/Innovate UK

Contact: Professor John McDermidProfessor Richard PaigeProfessor Dimitris Kolovos

This project is a three-year industry-wide initiative to deliver a step change improvement in the affordability and delivery of aerospace systems through tackling the problem of software cost. SECT-AIR will scope and prototype a pan-industry and academia UK software centre of excellence that will protect and develop the UK as a world leader in critical and complex systems development. This will enable development of the next generation of aerospace products.

The project will also mature innovative technical methods to:

  • reduce effort through automation
  • reduce rework costs through more precise specification, early validation and agile methods
  • increase reuse and flexibility through modularisation and openness
  • develop processing solutions to reduce the costs of obsolescence that afflict aerospace due to its long in-service timescales.

This project will embed industrially viable and certifiable solutions. It will deliver more mature tooling and processes within the UK industry to higher technology readiness levels, creating high-value jobs as a result.