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Jonathan Barrett, Roger Colbeck and Adrian Kent. "Memory attacks on device-independent quantum cryptography." Physical Review Letters 110 (010503), 2013.

Jonathan Barrett, Roger Colbeck and Adrian Kent. "Unconditionally secure device-independent quantum key distribution with only two devices." Physical Review A 86 (062326), 2012.

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Roger Colbeck and Adrian Kent. "Private randomness expansion with untrusted devices." Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 44 (095305), 2011.

Full list of publications available from York Research Database and Google Scholar

Manuel Barbosa and Pooya Farshim. "Indifferentiable Authenticated Encryption." CRYPTO 2018.

Balthazar Bauer, Pooya Farshim, and Sogol Mazaheri. "Combiners for Backdoored Random Oracles." CRYPTO 2018.

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Christina Brzuska, Pooya Farshim, and Arno Mittelbach. "Indistinguishability Obfuscation and UCEs: The Case of Computationally Unpredictable Sources." CRYPTO 2014.

Full list of publications available from DBLP and Google Scholar.

A. Wood, V. Shpilrain, K. Najarian, D. Kahrobaei. "Private Naive Bayes Classification of Personal Biomedical Data: Application in Cancer Data Analysis." Computers in Biology and Medicine 105, 144-150 (2019).

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Full list of publications available from personal homepage, Google Scholar and DBLP.

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Full list of publications available from personal homepage, Google Scholar and arXiv.

Feng Hao, Roberto Metere, Siamak F. Shahandashti, and Changyu Dong. "Analysing and Patching SPEKE in ISO/IEC". IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics & Security 13(11): 2844-2855, IEEE, 2018.

Ehsan Toreini, Siamak F. Shahandashti, and Feng Hao. "Texture to the Rescue: Practical Paper Fingerprinting based on Texture Patterns". ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security (TOPS): 20(3), Article No. 9, ACM, 2017.

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Full list of publications available from personal homepage, Google Scholar and DBLP.

C. Birkinshaw, E. Rouka, V. Vassilakis. “Implementing an intrusion detection and prevention system using software-defined networking: Defending against port-scanning and denial-of-service attacks.” Journal of Network & Computer Applications, Elsevier, vol. 136, pp. 71-85, June 2019.

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B. Alohali, V. Vassilakis, I. Moscholios, M. Logothetis. “A secure scheme for group communication of wireless IoT devices.” 11th IEEE/IET Int. Symposium on Communication Systems, Networks and Digital Signal Processing (CSNDSP), Budapest, Hungary, July 2018.

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V. Vassilakis, I. Chochliouros, A. Spiliopoulou, E. Sfakianakis, M. Belesioti, N. Bombetsis, M. Wilson, C. Turyagyenda, A. Dardamanis. "Security analysis of mobile edge computing in virtualized small cell networks." IFIP Int. Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI), Thessaloniki, Greece, Sept. 2016.

Full list of publications available from personal homepage, Google Scholar and DBLP.

By associate members

R. Calinescu, D. Weyns, S. Gerasimou, M.U. Iftikhar, I. Habli, T. Kelly. "Engineering Trustworthy Self-Adaptive Software with Dynamic Assurance Cases." IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 44(11):1039-1069, 2018.

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S. Gerasimou, R. Calinescu, G. Tamburrelli. "Synthesis of Probabilistic Models for Quality-of-Service Software Engineering." Automated Softw. Eng. J., 2018. DOI: 0.1007/s10515-018-0235-8.

R. Calinescu, C. Ghezzi, K. Johnson, M. Pezze, Y. Rafiq, G. Tamburrelli. "Formal Verification with Confidence Intervals: A New Approach to Establishing the Quality-of-Service Properties of Software Systems." IEEE Transactions on Reliability 65(1):107-125, 2016.

Full list of publications available from personal homepage, Google Scholar, and DBLP.

Bradley R. Schmerl, Javier Cámara, Jeffrey Gennari, David Garlan, Paulo Casanova, Gabriel A. Moreno, Thomas J. Glazier, Jeffrey M. Barnes. "Architecture-based self-protection: composing and reasoning about denial-of-service mitigations." HotSoS 2014: 2

Bradley R. Schmerl, Jeff Gennari, Alireza Sadeghi, Hamid Bagheri, Sam Malek, Javier Cámara, David Garlan. "Architecture Modeling and Analysis of Security in Android Systems." ECSA 2016: 274-290

Thomas J. Glazier, Javier Cámara, Bradley R. Schmerl, David Garlan. "Analyzing Resilience Properties of Different Topologies of Collective Adaptive Systems." SASO Workshops 2015: 55-60

Full list of publications available from personal homepage, Google Scholar and DBLP.

H. Alyasiri, J. A. Clark, D. Kudenko. "Applying cartesian genetic programming to evolve rules for intrusion detection system." International Joint Conference on Computational Intelligence, 2018, pp. 176–183.

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K. Malialis, S. Devlin, D. Kudenko. "Distributed reinforcement learning for adaptive and robust network intrusion response." Connection Science 27(3): 234-252, Sept. 2015.

A. Servin, D. Kudenko. "Multi-agent reinforcement learning for intrusion detection: A case study and evaluation." Sixth German Conference on Multi-Agent System Technologies (MATES), 2008.

Full list of publications available from Google Scholar and DBLP.

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+44 (0)1904 325501
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