The precise UML group

UML 2.0

During the last 3 years, many puml'ers have been involved in the UML 2.0 definition process. The following links relate to the activities carried out by the group.

Request For Information (RFI)

The OMG  issued a Request For Information (RFI) with regard to UML 2.0. The submission from the pUML group argues for the rearchitecting of UML as a family of languages and outlines a framework for constructing a precise semantics for UML that supports profiles and advanced tools.
  • pUML RFI submission (pdf)
  • Appendix to pUML RFI submission (pdf)
  • other RFI submissions

  • Request For Proposals (RFP)

    We contributed to the formulation of an Request For Proposals on rearchitecting UML. The four RFP's for UML 2.0 can be found at the UML 2.0 Working Group pages. 

    Feasibility Study

    With the support and collaboration of IBM a feasibility study into rearchitecting the definition of UML using a precise object-oriented meta-modeling approach was undertaken. As part of this, a prototype (Java) tool was been developed implementing the approach. This tool is free, subject to a GNU licence, and is available for download along with the report at the MMF page.

    Initial Submission to RFP's

    Submission from Data Access, Project Technology, Kinetium, Softlab and Siemens in association with the pUML Group (pdf)

    2U Consortium

    The 2U Consortium was one of the three main groups that submitted to UML 2.0.  The consortium included many of the pUML group, and the submission built upon the IBM Feasiblity study and the Initial Submission to RFP's described above (link). The submission that was produced met many of the aims of the group and  has led to a deeper understanding of the best way to structure large language definitions. Many of the ideas in this proposal have influenced the final UML 2.0 proposal.